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SubjectRe: New XFS, ReiserFS and Ext2 benchmarks
Ricardo Galli wrote:
> Hi,
> you can find at a few new benchmarks among
> Reiser, XFS and Ext2 (also one with JFS).
> This time there is a comprehensive Hans' Mongo benchmarks
> ( )and a couple of kernel compilations and
> read/write/fsync operations tests (I was very careful of populating the
> cache before the measures for the last two cases).
> Regards,
> --ricardo

These are interesting benchmarks, my only caveats are that make bzImage is
probably CPU bound not IO bound (the traditional value of compiles as FS
benchmarks does not apply to Linux filesystems, as they don't do the misdesigned
synchronization policy of older Unices, and compiles are CPU bound for them in
my experience), that I don't understand fully why we are so much faster at the
cp -ar, and I would like Yura to try to reproduce the cp -ar as it seems too
good to be true.

Thanks for investing the time into this Ricardo.

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