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SubjectRe: [PATCH] include/linux/coda.h
> Sorry, I should've been more specific. I'm trying to compile the Linux kernel 
> (2.4.5pre3) on a FreeBSD machine, which actually works quite well with this
> patch applied. This is the only place in the core that FreeBSD gets hung up

Why is your cross compiler outputting different symbols to a linux native
compiler ?

> on (init/main.c seems to include it unconditionally). Some drivers may still
> make incorrect assumptions about __linux__ being defined, though.

If __linux__ is not defined by the cross compiler, then the cross compiler
is broken. A cross compiler has the same environment as the native compiler
for the target. The only stuff that should break (well should as in might) is
tools native built

Or am I misunderstanding the report ?

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