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SubjectRe: alpha iommu fixes

> > > [..] Even sparc64's fancy
> > > iommu-based pci_map_single() always succeeds.
> >
> > Whatever sparc64 does to hide the driver bugs you can break it if you
> > pci_map 4G+1 bytes of phyical memory.
> Which is an utterly stupid thing to do.
> Please construct a plausable situation where this would occur legally
> and not be a driver bug, given the maximum number of PCI busses and
> slots found on sparc64 and the maximum _concurrent_ usage of PCI dma
> space for any given driver (which isn't doing something stupid).

What stops you from plugging PCI-to-PCI bridges in order to create
some large number of slots, like 128?
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