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Hey All,
I am working with Dawson Engler's meta-compillation group @ stanford.
Sorry if this is reposted, previous one seemed to get tied up.
Here is a patch to the drivers/net/wan/lmc/lmc_main.c file.

On line 503, the authors use the GFP_KERNEL argument to kmalloc, how
they are holding a spin lock during this period. They should use

On line 510, the authors rely on a macro, LMC_COPY_FROM_USER which is
designed to work with stack memory, not heap memory. In all other cases
it is fine, here however, the memory must be deallocated before -EFAULT
can be returned. Note that this is a potential security hole as it is
leaking memory and can be exploited by passing bogus pointers to
copy_to_user - thus creating a DOS situation.

--- drivers/net/wan/lmc/lmc_main.c.orig Thu May 17 12:03:49 2001
+++ drivers/net/wan/lmc/lmc_main.c Mon May 21 20:13:49 2001
@@ -500,14 +500,17 @@

- data = kmalloc(xc.len, GFP_KERNEL);
+ data = kmalloc(xc.len, GFP_ATOMIC);
if(data == 0x0){
printk(KERN_WARNING "%s: Failed to allocate memory for copy\n", dev->name);
ret = -ENOMEM;

- LMC_COPY_FROM_USER(data,, xc.len);
+ if(copy_from_user(data,, xc.len)){
+ kfree(data);
+ return -EFAULT;
+ }

printk("%s: Starting load of data Len: %d at 0x%p == 0x%p\n", dev->name, xc.len,, data)

-Akash Jain
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