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SubjectCML2 and Python 1.5.x?

I've seen alot of people bitching and moaning about CML2 and mostly it
seems to be a need for Python 2.x that is really upsetting people.

I don't know the status of the port to C, but I do remember that Eric
said he had looked at doing it in Python 1.5 language, but decided
against it. Would it make people happier if we could convice (or
help) Eric to move back a version in Python?

Also, but the time 2.5 (really 2.6) is released and CML2 is the
defacto configuration language, don't you all think that Python 2.x
will be a standard part of the distros? Hmmm, I've just shot my own
arguement in the foot here... dang.

As for the others who are complaining about how CML2 will ruin the
world, bring a plague of locusts, and "You'll have to pry make
menuconfig from my cold, dead hands", have you *tried* CML2 yet?

I have, and once I complained enough about what I thought was a
mis-feature, Eric did fix it.

Moving forward requires some pain and adjustment from time to time,
and I can't imagine that all you core kernel people who keep compiling
kernels all the time, can't take the time to learn something new.
Isn't that our strength, being able to learn?

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