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SubjectRe: "clock timer configuration lost" on Serverworks chipset
I'm confused.  The 2.2.19 time.c is already doing ">":
/* VIA686a test code... reset the latch if count > max */
if (count > LATCH-1) {
[adjust count and whine]
The 2.2.20-pre2 patch doesn't change time.c, and I don't see
this code in 2.4.4 or 2.4.5pre.

Are you saying the code should be doing the equivalent of
"(count > LATCH)", or is 2.2.19 correct and the whines I'm
seeing mean there really is a problem with the Serverworks



Alan Cox wrote:
>Jim Castleberry)wrote:
>> How well has the problem been nailed down? Could it be that it just
>> showed up first on VIA and the real cause (and fix) remains to be
>> discovered? Or does Serverworks somehow have an identical bug in
>> their chipset?
>There is a notional off by one in the check at least by the rules of the
>original chip which do allow the overflow value to be visible momentarily.
>Later -ac checks for > not >=

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