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SubjectRe: Background to the argument about CML2 design philosophy
Date said:
> What discussion is that? Unless Linus has changed his mind and I
> don't know about it, CML2 is going in between 2.5.1 and 2.5.2.

Because it is evidently confusing the issue. Perhaps because it sounds like
you were intending to feed Linus large patches for 2.5.[12] which effect
_both_ changes.

Have patience - let the less contentious part of CML2 go in first, and then
we can deal with the other stuff later, once CML2 has been accepted (however
grudgingly in some cases) by developers.

> The engine is working. Why is it not yet time to discuss ruleset design
> and modes?

For a man who claims to hack social systems, that's an incredibly naïve


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