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    SubjectRe: ACPI - console problems 2.4.4
    Alan Cox <> writes:

    > > Is anyone having problems with ACPI causing console problems in kernel
    > > 2.4.4 w/ Intel's patches? When watching my system boot over the
    > > serial console, things work fine. When looking at my VAIO-FX140's
    > > LCD, my console no longer updates after ACPI starts initializing _INI methods.
    > Generally a good rule is 'dont bother with ACPI'. But do let Andrew Grover
    > know how it fails on your box
    My VAIO doesn't support APM. :(

    I was trying to understand the call path on _INIT. Hopefully with
    some printk's I can track down the problem.

    Any direction or areas for me to examine? Thanks.

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