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SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Re: CML2 design philosophy heads-up
Tom Rini <>:
> python1.5.x is compatiable w/ python2 EXCEPT in the cases where the script
> uses undocumented things which did work in python1.5.x.

That's true of the core language. The reason I moved to 2.0 was that there
are library changes in 2.0 that enabled me to to cut CML2's in-kernel footprint

> Which brings up another point, RedHat (7.1?) and Debian/woody both have the
> option of having python2 around. Anyone know about mandrake? My point is
> that some dists are already dealing with python2.

Yes. By the time 2.5 forks, distros covering an estimated 85% of the market
will carry python2 binaries which the CML2 install script will find
automatically. By the time 2.6 forks, we're going to laugh if we ever
remember that we thought this was an issue.

> Eric, would it be easy/possible to go back to requiring python 1.5.x for
> CML2, since that is what many dists ship with?

It wouldn't be too difficult. But it would make the code heavier, and
I'm not clear that it would make anybody happy who isn't already willing
to deal with the design concept.
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