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SubjectRe: tcp_mem problem
On Sun, May 20, 2001 at 07:33:15PM +0200, David Osojnik wrote:
> the system with problem is using kernel 2.4.2 on an P200 with 64mb ram. It
> has about 20 users that use the box... (ftp, telnet, lynx, bitchx,...).
> the problem is when the parameter tcp_mem HIGH gets exeded after about a day
> of use! Then the box is going from the net and its not awailable. I tried to
> tune the system with adding more in proc tcp_mem but the problem is still
> there the box only lasts for bout 2h longer.
> and i get this in messages
> kernel: TCP: too many of orphaned sockets
> It looks like my system is not droping closed sockets?

You can check by using netstat -tan
Normally the message is harmless; when it happens the closed sockets are
RST instead of being closed properly.

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