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SubjectRe: CML2 design philosophy heads-up
Date said:
> There are no `advisory' dependencies in CML2. They're all absolute.
> What you call an `advisory' dependency would be simulated by having a
> policy symbol for Aunt Tillie mode and writing constraints like this:

> require AUNT_TILLIE implies FOO >= BAR

> This is exactly why the CML2 ruleset has EXPERT, WIZARD, and TUNING
> policy symbols, as hooks for doing things like this.

Excellent. Then I apologise for not reading the documentation.

After the discussion of MAC and SCSI config options many moons ago in this
thread, I was left with the impression that the constraints which were
being objected to were not dependent upon a NOVICE mode, but were

Was this merely a mistake in the conversion of the ruleset? Do you have a
policy that the default behaviour should be similar to that of CML1, or at
least that such behaviour should be available through one of the
modes? If not, please consider doing so.


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