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SubjectBUG ? and questions
My name is Calin
I have a Cx 486/66 with 12 Megs of ram AST computer
gcc 2.95.3, glibc 2.1.3, make 3.79.1 binutils 2.11 ??
1. When I try to run multiple (2) compilations on a
2.4.4 kernel usually one
of them dies -- if it's gcc - signal 11 , if it's sh
or rarely make -
segmentation fault.

It is not a hardware problem (with kernel 2.2.x it
does not do this
and I have a cooler on my cpu)

2. I compiled a kernel 2.4.3 with XFS and sound as a
module (I use alsa
sound driver), and when I try to insmod soundcore.o it
says about some
unresolved symbols (one of them is printk )
I don't have this problem with any of the originals
2.4.x kernels
(downloaded from

1. I have a vlb system and the kernel does not report
an IDE controler
I presume there is one. Is there a way to find out
what type it is
because a read about buggy 486 motherboards and I want
to be sure
that mine is not (It does not seems to be -- I have my
from about a year and a half and I have no problems )

2. I saw in .config in the root of kernel tree
is not set ";
the same for IBM, Maxtor etc. If I set this will be
any performance inprovements ?

3. I noticed that if I compile RTC in the kernel my
system runs smootly ?
Is this just an illusion ?

Sorry for bothering you
Sorry if the questions are silly


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