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SubjectRe: Brown-paper-bag bug in m68k, sparc, and sparc64 config files
On Sat, 19 May 2001, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> This bug unconditionally disables a configuration question -- and it's
> so old that it has propagated across three port files, without either
> of the people who did the cut and paste for the latter two noticing it.
> This sort of thing would never ship in CML2, because the compiler
> would throw an undefined-symbol warning on BLK_DEV_ST. The temptation
> to engage in sarcastic commentary at the expense of people who still
> think CML2 is an unnecessary pain in the butt is great. But I will
> restrain myself. This time.

Erm.. if this bug is _that old_ and nobody noticed, isn't the right
fix to just delete the dead option?


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