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SubjectProblems with buslogic and osst driver
I (and others on the OnStream osst driver mailing) list cannot get this tape 
drive to work with BusLogic SCSI host adapters.

This is with 2.2.19 and 2.4.3 and either a MultiMaster or FlashPoint card.

I have been in contact with Willem Reide (the author of the osst driver) and
he has identified some spurious errors surfacing from the BusLogic driver.

Willem has suggested some workarounds for the osst driver that ignore these
errors, but they are not sufficient to get the tape going.

So I thought that it was time to bring in Leonard Zubkoff, who is still listed
as the maintainer for the Buslogic driver.

I haven't exchanged E-Mail with Leonard since 1995, but I sent off some mail
anyway. I have as yet had no reply from him.

So I have 2 questions:

1) Does anyone know if Leonard Zubkoff is still around?

2) Is anyone else looking after the BusLogic driver these days?



Andrew Bray, PWMS, MA, | preferred:
London, England | or:
PGP id/fingerprint: D811F5C9/26 B5 42 C6 F4 00 B2 71 BA EA 9B 81 6C 65 59 07

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