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SubjectRe: add page argument to copy/clear_user_page
Linus Torvalds writes:

> If you add the page argument, why leave the old arguments lingering there
> at all? They only create confusion, and add no information.

You mean the `to' pointer argument, or the `vaddr' argument? The
`vaddr' argument isn't redundant, it's the user virtual address where
the page is mapped, and sparc64 needs it in order to avoid D-cache
aliasing issues I believe. (Dave?)

As for the `to' argument, yes it is redundant since it is just kmap(page).
But copy/clear_user_page isn't the interface that gets called from the
MM stuff, copy/clear_user_highpage is, defined in include/linux/highmem.h.
These are two of a whole series of functions which all do kmap, do
something, kunmap.

IMHO having the kmap/kunmap calls in copy/clear_user_highpage in
include/linux/highmem.h is the best approach because it means that
most architectures can just #define copy/clear_user_page as
copy/clear_page in include/asm/page.h (as they do at the moment). It
means that the kmap/kunmap calls are in one place only instead of
being duplicated in every architecture.

But we could instead push the kmap/kunmap down into copy/clear_user_page.
Then we might as well rename them into copy/clear_user_highpage. Here
is how it might turn out in include/asm-i386/page.h (and asm-alpha,
asm-arm, asm-crus, asm-s390, asm-sh, asm-s390x...):

extern void clear_page(void *page);
extern void copy_page(void * _to, void * _from);

#define clear_user_highpage(page, vaddr) \
do { \
struct page *__page = page; \
clear_page(kmap(__page)); \
kunmap(__page); \
} while (0)

#define copy_user_highpage(to, from, vaddr) \
do { \
struct page *__to = to, *__from = from; \
copy_page(kmap(__to), kmap(__from)); \
kunmap(__from); \
kunmap(__to); \
} while (0)

Doing it with inline functions would be cleaner but would mean that we
would need the declaration of kmap/kunmap in page.h. That would mean
that we would need to #include <linux/highmem.h> in include/asm/page.h
which is starting to get pretty messy and inviting circular
inclusions. We could move these declarations to another file in
include/asm - include/asm/highmem.h might seem the natural place but
it is only used if CONFIG_HIGHMEM is defined and not all ports have

I assume nobody wants to do these functions out-of-line. :)

So on the whole the way I had it seems cleanest to me. But I can whip
up a patch to do the kmap/kunmap in the architecture-specific files
instead, if you prefer - if so, do you prefer the macro version or the
inline function version?

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