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SubjectRe: [RFD w/info-PATCH] device arguments from lookup, partion code
From: "Alexander Viro" <>
> On Sun, 20 May 2001, Paul Fulghum wrote:
> > I'll be the first to admit there is some ugliness in my driver.
> So will anyone here regarding his or her code. Count me in, BTW.
> Could you reread the posting you are refering to?

Sorry if I misunderstood. My post was as much in
response to several current threads revolving around
device major numbers and ioctl calls (I use both!).

Many postings seem to imply driver writers must be flawed for
using these flawed facilities. Driver writers don't use device
major numbers and ioctl calls because they are brain damaged, they use
them because they are accepted practice and they work (albeit imperfectly).

I have no problem moving to better solutions *as they become available*.

But I have seen multiple references to 'causing pain' for people
by restricting their use while alternatives (only now being discussed
and decided) are years away in the next stable kernel.

All I hope for is a reasonable path to get there (better alternatives) from
My 2 cents, with no intent to offend anyone.

Paul Fulghum
Microgate Corporation

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