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SubjectRe: DISCOVERED! Cause of Athlon/VIA KX133 Instability
Mark Hahn wrote:

>> Actually, I think there are 2 problems that have been discussed -- the
>>disk corruption and a general instability resulting in oops'es at
>>various points shortly after boot up.
> I don't see this. specifically, there were scattered reports
> of a via-ide problem a few months ago; this is the issue that's
> gotten some press, and for which Alan has a fix. and there are reports
> of via-smp problems at boot (which go away with noapic). I see no reports
> of the kind of general instability you're talking about. and all the
> via-users I've heard of have no such stability problems -
> me included (kt133/duron).
> the only general issue is that kx133 systems seem to be difficult
> to configure for stability. ugly things like tweaking Vio.
> there's no implication that has anything to do with Linux, though.

When I reported my problem a couple weeks back another fellow
said he and several others on the list had the same problem,
and as far as I can tell it is *only* with the IWILL boards.
When I compiled with k7 optimizations I'd get all kinds of oopses
and panics and never fully boot. They were different every time.
When any of the lesser optimizations are used I have no problems.
My memory is one 256MB Corsair PC150 dimm, CPU is a Thunderbird 850,
and mobo is an IWILL KK266 (KT133A). The CPU runs between 35°C
and 40°C.

>> My memory system jas been set up very conservitavely and has been
>>rock solid in my other board (ka7), so I doubt it's that, but I
>>sure am happy to try a few more cominations of bios settings. Anything
>>I should look for in particular?
> how many dimms do you have? interleave settings? Vio jumper?
> already checked on cooling issues? and that you're not overclocking...

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