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SubjectRe: Followup to previous post: Atlon/VIA Instabilities
>   No, actually the instability starts right after/when the root
> filesystem is mounted (it seems). I have no foreign modules installed
> when this error occurs. Even if I did, why would the Abit KA7 with the
> same [other] hardware and software NOT show this problem, even with all
> opts enabled?

In my experience I've noticed motherboards can have a huge impact on
stability despite the chipsets, hardware used, etc. Abit is well known and
liked in the overclocking circles, consequently I would strongly suspect
that their motherboards are generally highly stable when compared to most
others. In fact, my experience with them seams to support this thesis. Its
possible that the other motherboard you were using is just flaky. Does the
other one happen to be a PC-Chips one? These generally can be quite cheap,
feature rich, and even have the best chipsets but still have proved
themselves to be quite flaky to me in the past. FIC seams to have a similar
problem, although they actually improve on their boards stability over time
(have some rock solid high volume servers on "stabilized" FIC boards);
sometimes with just a conveniently available BIOS update. Shuttle also
seams to have gone downhill but that might have just been a one time

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