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Subject[OT] Interrupting select.

I think that this is slightly off-topic, but I figure that
someone here knows the answer or where to point me to the
answer. Please respond privately so the entire list is not
spamed by the response.

I am writing a threaded network daemon using a thread per
connection model (I know, it is not the most effective, but
I can extend it to use a thread per N connections in the future).
That thread waits on a socket using select, or possibly merely
doing a read. Messages to be written are inserted into a queue
in shared memory. I am looking for a way to send the thread a
signal or event to cause the thread to abort the read or select
call when data is available.

I know that it would be possible to create a unix socket
and write a byte to that socket whenever data is available,
but there should be a simpler message or signal that I can
send to the thread to accomplish the same thing.

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