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SubjectRE: DPT I2O RAID and Linux I2O

If I understand correctly, some vendor would put I2O messaging hardware but
they would use it in a non-standard way ? So, if they dont support the I2O
protocol with their hardware, I will have to do it in another way...

Is there a simple way to find out if my device support I2O protocol ? Maybe
its written in the BAR or in the CSR, but does linux find those devices
automaticly ? or do I have to do it in my module ? If I must do it myself,
do you know any device that is doing something like I do ? so I could look
at the code.

Thank again.

> > Is this I2O implementation supporting PCI devices ?
> Yes
> > Yesterday I post something about that, I have a CompactPCI
> computer with 2
> > computers in it. One master and one slave. The slave one, is has a non
> > transparent pci-to-pci bridge : DEC (INTEL) 21554, wich support I2O
> > messaging, I want both computer to communicate by this mean,
> but I cant seam
> I2O messaging and I2O protocol are two things. Most sane vendors use I2O
> messaging hardware to implement something that looks a little
> more like a device
> control protocol than SNA.
> Alan

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