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SubjectRe: Linux Kernel Debuggers, KDB or KGDB?
From said:
> Everything is there. SCSI and ISDN have the equivalent devices of the
> "lo" driver for the networking layer. Or the equivalent of tun/tap
> devices for the ethernet layer.

Is this sufficient to do driver development? TUN/TAP doesn't let me write
ethernet drivers inside UML.

> It just have to be an option in UML and every other adapters
> switched off.

This is a matter of fiddling the config process. It might not be easy, but
there isn't much doubt that it's possible :-)

> The problem is: I still do not really get how UML really works. Many
> of the mapping rules (Kernel machanism on normal arch -> UML) are not
> quite clear to me.
> Is there a paper or sth. like that describing the design a bit more in
> detail? I only found usage papers on the user-mode-linux home page.

First, have a look at the USB patch at

My ALS paper has a description of how UML basically works inside and it's not
too much out of date -

Also, my ALS and LCA slides have this sort of information -

The LCA slides are probably better. They are from a few months later, and I
had a longer slot, so I needed more slides.

If you have questions which aren't answered on my site, send me mail.


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