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SubjectProblem! kernel: TCP: too many of orphaned sockets
Hello all.

I have a little problem, I have an Pentium 266Mhz linux box with kernel 2.4.2
with 64mb of memory, After about an 1 day of running i get this msg loged in


kernel: TCP: too many of orphaned sockets

after that noone can telnet to the box or anything couse of the sockets
beeing all used. I have to reboot then its ok again for about a day, and Im
not running many processes

if i do netstat i get about 100 connections...

why are all the sockets used?

If i do the

cat /proc/net/socketstat
sockets: used 405
TCP: inuse 102 orphan 0 tw 0 alloc 156 mem 2
UDP: inuse 12
RAW: inuse 0
FRAG: inuse 0 memory 0

So if i look at socketstats more often the "sockets: used XXX" the XXX number
is going only up! and never down.

What should i do to fix this?
Where is the problem?

Thank you all for your help!
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