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SubjectRe: alpha iommu fixes
On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 09:46:17PM +0400, Ivan Kokshaysky wrote:
> The most interesting thing here is the pyxis "tbia" fix.
> Whee! I can now copy files from SCSI to bus-master IDE, or
> between two IDE drives on separate channels, or do other nice
> things without hanging lx/sx164. :-)
> The pyxis "tbia" turned out to be broken in a more nastier way
> than one could expect - tech details are commented in the patch.
> Another problem, I think, is that we need extra locking in
> pci_unmap_xx(). It seems to be possible that after the scatter-gather
> table "wraps" and some SG ptes get free, these ptes might be
> immediately allocated and next_entry pointer advanced by pci_map_xx()
> from interrupt or another CPU *before* the test for mv_pci_tbi().
> In this case we'd have stale TLB entries.
> Also small compile fix for 2.4.5-pre3.

I fixed the same race condition in the unmap (not flushed pte after
next_entry was visible) two days ago and it's ovbiosuly correct, but it
was not nearly enough here, there was a very nasty other race condition
that triggers at least on all ds10 ds20 es40 tsunami/clibber based
boards that is necessary to fix too to make the machine stable (fixed
yesterday and getting tested today).

Reading the tsunami specs I learnt 1 tlb entry caches 8 pagetables (not 1)
so the tlb flush will be invalidate immediatly by any PCI DMA run after
the flush on any of the other 7 mappings cached in the same tlb entry.

This is the fix:

diff -urN alpha-ref/arch/alpha/kernel/pci_iommu.c
--- alpha-ref/arch/alpha/kernel/pci_iommu.c Sun Apr 1 01:17:07 2001
+++ alpha-works/arch/alpha/kernel/pci_iommu.c Fri May 18 18:07:40 2001
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@

/* Align allocations to a multiple of a page size. Not needed
unless there are chip bugs. */
- arena->align_entry = 1;
+ arena->align_entry = 8;

return arena;
However thsi is just the production fix, the real fix will only change
that for the tsunami chipset

since I didn't wanted to deal with the optimizations yet I also disabled
the optimizations (I will audit the optimizations shortly). Then I fixed
at least the eppro100 driver to check if it runs of pci map entries (all
drivers out there are broken, they don't check the retval from pci_map*

then I also enlarged the pci SG space to 1G beause runing out of entries
right now breaks the whole world:

@@ -358,7 +360,7 @@
* address range.
hose->sg_isa = iommu_arena_new(hose, 0x00800000, 0x00800000, 0);
- hose->sg_pci = iommu_arena_new(hose, 0xc0000000, 0x08000000, 0);
+ hose->sg_pci = iommu_arena_new(hose, 0xc0000000, 0x40000000, 0);
__direct_map_base = 0x40000000;
__direct_map_size = 0x80000000;
With all this stuff plus the same fix you posted the es40 8g runs rock
solid on top of 2.4.5pre3aa1.

I was going to wait to cleanup all those fixes but I'm posting this half
curroputed email here now just so we don't duplicate further efforts ;)

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