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> This are the latest suggestions for handling the VIA Southbridge bug as
> derived from the hardware site (Many thanks to doelf).

I'd rather people left this except for the obvious fixed that were done for
non VIA northbridge combinations until 2.5. 2.4 is not an appropriate place
to play with possibly disk corrupting PCI hacks without documentation.

What is pathetic is that VIA have yet to place anything in the public domain
giving correct workarounds. People are picking at BIOSes praying to spot all
the changes (which may not be in the PCI registers even) because a vendor
hasn't got the decency to admit they screwed up and then to issue proper fixes

If it had been a manufacturer in most respectable areas of business they'd be
recalling and reissuing components, and paying for the end resllers to notify
each customer


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