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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.4 folks

On Sat, 19 May 2001, Peter Zaitsev wrote:

> Hello linux-kernel,
> I've trying to move some of my servers to 2.4.4 kernel from 2.2.x.
> Everything goes fine, notable perfomance increase occures, but the
> problem is I'm really often touch the following problem:

<allocation failures snipped>

> The problem is the systems this happens on are not short of memory.
> Here is the free output for the system I had this happened this
> morning:

free doesn't show any info about allocator state at allocation failure
time. If you were to modify mm/page_alloc.c:__alloc_pages() to do a
show_mem() along with the printk, you'd likely see that you're close
to being completely oom at that moment.

> Does anyone has any ideas about this problem ?

Posting /proc/slabinfo content might give the vm wizards an idea where
your memory is sitting.

If you see any indications of a sustained leak, I can provide you with
a 2.4.4 ikd patch (toolkit.. contains a memory leak detector) to try on
a non-mission-critical box. It's large, 731003 uncompressed.


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