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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.4.4-ac11 network drivers cleaning
Patch looks decent.  Adding module descriptions was quite nice.  One
flaw that is repeated multiple times is that you add

#ifdef MODULE

in an ISA driver's probe routine. This instead should always be the
first operation of init_module.

Also make sure to go through the 'ac' patch and review the earlier
version string changes. Some of them were buggy, like

static const char version[] __initdata =

const combined with __[dev]initdata causes a section type conflict. A
few of those popped up after the earlier patch was applied to 'ac'.

Finally, I don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but to be complete
and optimal, version strings should be a single variable 'version', such
that it can be passed directly to printk like


Some net drivers are already like this, as I'm sure you know. Some net
drivers have 'version', 'version2', 'version3' instead of just one long
string. Some net drivers add KERN_xxx at printk time, instead of adding
it to the 'version' var. Some net drivers do the following, which is
really silly considering you know all strings at compile time:

printk(KERN_INFO "%s\n", version);

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