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SubjectRe: Why side-effects on open(2) are evil. (was Re: [RFD w/info-PATCH]device arguments from lookup)
Are we talking about device arguments just for chrdevs and blkdevs? 
(ie. drivers) or for regular files too?

Speaking about drivers specifically, a controlling miscdev, one per
device or one per group of devices depending on your needs, is a much
more clean solution for passing ioctl-type data. You are free to come
up with whatever method of communication with the driver is most
efficient for your needs -- without perverting open(2).

Notice also a "metadata miscdev" solves the problem of passing options
on open -- just pass those options to the miscdev before you open it...

metadata miscdevs are a clean solution to what procfs hacks and ioctls
are trying to accomplish.


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