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SubjectRe: [RFD w/info-PATCH] device arguments from lookup, partion code
Alan Cox writes:
> > ioctls are evil, period. At least with these names you can use normal
> > scripting and don't need any special tools. Every ioctl means a binary
> > that has no business to exist.
> That is not IMHO a rational argument. It isn't my fault that your
> shell does not support ioctls usefully. If you used perl as your
> login shell you would have no problem there.

There is another reason to use ioctl(2): when you need to send data to
the kernel/driver and wait for a response. It supports transactions,
which read(2) and write(2) cannot. Therefore it remains useful.

Al, if you really want to kill ioctl(2), then perhaps you should
implement a transaction(2) syscall. Something like:
int transaction (int fd, void *rbuf, size_t rlen,
void *wbuf, size_t wlen);

Of course, there wouldn't be any practical gain, since we already have
ioctl(2). Any gain would be aesthetic.


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