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SubjectRe: [RFD w/info-PATCH] device arguments from lookup, partion code
On Sat, May 19, 2001 at 09:38:03PM +0200, Erik Mouw wrote:
> > But /dev/sda/offset=234234,limit=626737537 isn't a file! ls it and see
> > if it's there. writing to files that aren't shown in directory listings
> > is plain evil. I really don't want to explain why. It's extremely
> > messy and unintuitive.
> >
> > It would be better to do this with a file that does exist, for example
> > writing something to /proc/disks/sda/arguments. Then again, I don't
> > even think much of dynamic file systems in the first place.
> A network socket also isn't a file in a filesystem, you can't do ls on
> it, it doesn't even exist until you create one, but still you use it as
> a file by reading and writing it. I don't see any difference in the way
> you create /dev/sda/offset=234234,limit=626737537 by just using it.

I think you're kind of missing the point. Erik is saying that, by the
path, it appears to be a file, even though it isn't listed as a file in
the directory /dev/sda. Network sockets don't have a path, unless its a
Unix domain socket, and then you /can/ 'ls' it.

My opinion is that putting options directly in the open is no nicer than
an ioctl. I think that where this scheme really shines, though, is
where there are multiple logical channels to a device, as in the
/dev/fb0/control example. I like that. What could be done, therefore,
is have a /dev/ttyS0/control file, where you could "echo
'baud=19200,parity=odd' > /dev/ttyS0/control" or even "echo '19200' >
/dev/ttyS0/baud" and "echo 'odd' > /dev/ttyS0/parity". That seems to me
to be the cleanest and most logical solution.

As for this partition stuff, it seems a bad example to me. Maybe I'm
just spoiled, but I think partitions is something that the kernel can
and should abstract. None of this /dev/sda/offset=12345,limit=45678
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
-- George Orwell
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