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SubjectSCSI CD problems
Hi all,

My machine sometimes crashes completely when reading or writing a CD
with my SCSI burner. I thought for ages that it was a hardware problem,
but this week I tried FreeBSD on it to make sure. Now I think it's a
problem with Linux.

In FreeBSD I copied the contents of ten CDs to the hard drive without
a problem. In Linux 2.4.4 I attempted copying four of these CDs, resulting
in three crashes. Then I tried in 2.2.19, where I experienced one crash
from three copies. At this point I got sick of waiting for fsck.

I'm using a Tekram DC310 SCSI card (sym53c8xx driver) and Matshita CW-7503
burner on a Duron 750 with Epox 8KTA3+ motherboard.

I'd really like to get this working because not being able to burn with my
burner is sub-optimal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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