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SubjectRe: smp hangs with 2.2.19 kernel

I have solid hangs (no log) with SMP machine for some time. I swapped
almost all of the hardware (incl mobo).
Dual PIII 677 MHZ on MSI 694D mobo. I had the hangs with 2.2.19 AND now
also with 2.4.4. I linked the kdb in the kernel and when the lockup
occurred I was able the get some info (serial console).

This is the kdb output for linux-2.4.4

[1]kdb> rd
eax = 0x00000001 ebx = 0xc0c57bc0 ecx = 0x00000020 edx = 0x00000001
esi = 0xc03de880 edi = 0x00000004 esp = 0xc2137ed0 eip = 0xc0108b6a
ebp = 0xc2137edc xss = 0x00000018 xcs = 0x00000010 eflags = 0x00000002
xds = 0xc1220018 xes = 0xc03d0018 origeax = 0x00000001 &regs = 0xc2137e9c

[1]kdb> cpu
Currently on cpu 1
Available cpus: 0*, 1

[1]kdb> bt
EBP EIP Function(args)
0xc2137edc 0xc0108b6a handle_IRQ_event+0x2e (0x4, 0xc2137f10, 0xc0c57bc0, 0xc2a98005, 0x0)
kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0108b3c 0xc0108bc4
0xc0108d9c do_IRQ+0xa8
kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0108cf4 0xc0108df0
0xc0106e10 ret_from_intr
kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0106e10 0xc0106e30
Interrupt registers:
eax = 0x0000006b ebx = 0xc2a98005 ecx = 0xc2137fa0 edx = 0xc2a98001
esi = 0x00000000 edi = 0xc12cc7e0 esp = 0xc2137f44 eip = 0xc013f183
ebp = 0xc2137f68 xss = 0x00000018 xcs = 0x00000010 eflags = 0x00000216
xds = 0xc2a90018 xes = 0xc2a90018 origeax = 0xffffff04 &regs = 0xc2137f10
0xc013f183 path_walk+0x24f (0xc2a98006, 0xc2137fa0)
kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc013ef34 0xc013f7f0
0xc2137f84 0xc013fcd0 __user_walk+0x3c (0x805c808, 0x9, 0xc2137fa0)
kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc013fc94 0xc013fcf0
0xc2137fbc 0xc013c33b sys_newstat+0x17 (0x805c808, 0xbfffed28, 0x805c808, 0xbfffee34, 0x805c808)
kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc013c324 0xc013c394
0xc0106d37 system_call+0x37
kernel .text 0xc0100000 0xc0106d00 0xc0106d40

What can I do next? I have the bt for all processes in a file.



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