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SubjectRe: Linux Quality Database on Newsforge
"Michael D. Crawford" wrote:
> chromatic has written a very nice article on the Linux Quality database
> at Newsforge:
> Linux Quality Database: One man's quest for kernel quality
> The site itself is at
> You will see it is still in the planning stages. Life has been quite
> hectic these last months, but I am making slow progress and I'm starting
> to get more time now. I have written a couple of articles you may find
> useful, one on testing the kernel and the other on testing web
> applications. The kernel testing article is at:
> Using Test Suites to Validate the Linux Kernel

You should definitely link to Cerberus (search for it on sourceforge, I
think the project is "vt-ctcs" but not sure), and also RedHat's
stress-kernel rpms.

The stress-kernel rpms are Cerberus++, ie. with extra goodies that
haven't made it to cerberus yet.

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MandrakeSoft | step-daughter, but other than that, yes."
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