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SubjectCML 1 is ok
Sorry, no gpm, so handquoting:
- CML 1 works ok
for me too
- menuconfig is great
it requires ncurses, but _this_ piece of software almost
anyone has. and if not I use make [old]config.
- xconfig
I never tested.

- python
what's that?
- upgrading
gcc - was ok, egcs and 2.9x I dont like.
So I wait for 3.0 (which seems better).

netfilter: I _liked_ ipfwadm
because I hate to always re-learn when a new kernel comes out.
our company will soon ship a product still using ipfwadm (I
started with 2.0.33, going to .36 and 2.4.0-testX).
It's a pity this M$ism to not support it forever (they just
stopped supporting DOS! and GW-BASIC *snief*)


PS: Don't answer plz as I'll be offline for a time.
_And_ I mean this honest, even it might considered sp.m

by telnet
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