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Subject00_rwsem-11, 2.4.4-ac11 and gcc-3(2001-05-14)
I applied rwsem-11 (a bit by hand) to -ac11 and tried to
compile. By changing CFLAGS_sys.o to -O (instead of -O2)
as I read earlier I nearly could compile, it only barfed
when it came to assemble the xaddl procedure by itself:

static inline long rwsem_xchgadd(long value, long * count)
__asm__ __volatile__(LOCK "xaddl %0,%1"
: "+r" (value), "+m" (*count));
return value;

changing from "inline" to "" yields a kernel which stops just
before mounting root (sysrq still works, but nothing else).
I now try again with GENERIC, and it actually is compiling...
lets look whether it works.
I hope a non-generic will solve the sound freeze :)

by telnet
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