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SubjectRe: CML2 design philosophy heads-up
Tom Rini <>:
> > > SCSI emulation over IDE, CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDESCSI. You have the SCSI mid
> > > layer code but no SCSI hardware drivers. It is a realistic case for an
> > > embedded CD-RW appliance.
> >
> > Or alternatively, you want to enable SCSI code, with no hardware driver,
> > because you are going to build pcmcia, which builds the scsi drivers only
> > if CONFIG_SCSI is defined, and the user might put in an Adaptec 1460B or
> > 1480 scsi card into your pcmcia slot.
> Both of these 'problems' assume that you can have IDE or PCMCIA on these
> particular boxes. Does anyone know if that's actually true?

The answer is: no, you can't.

I found a feature list for the MVME147 on the web at
<>. It
confirmed what thought I remembered from the Motorola site; no PCMCIA,
no IDE/ATAPI. As a matter of fact neither of these technologies
existed yet when the board was being designed in the mid-1980s.

(The article I found is kind of interesting. It's a dissection of the
MVME147's design and history...narrated in first person.)

In any case, if this *had* been a problem, the right fix IMO would have
been to split the SCSI symbol into SCSI and SCSI_DRIVERS and have
constraints that would make SCSI and the presence of any SCSI card
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