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SubjectRe: [kbuild-devel] Re: CML2 design philosophy heads-up
On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 01:22:35PM -0400, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Michael Meissner <>:
> > On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 06:09:09PM +0200, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> > > Aunt Tillie shouldn't try to manually configure a kernel.
> >
> > Ummm, maybe Aunt Tillie wants to learn how to configure a kernel.... After
> > all, all of us at one point in time were newbies in terms of configuring
> > kernels, etc.
> And if she doesn't, maybe her teenage daughter Muffy wants to learn. You know,
> the one with the unicorn appliques and the pink scrunchies and the Back Street
> Boys posters in her bedroom?

That's ok as long as she doesn't add backstreet boys songtexts as long as your
signature to her mails.

On the other hand she should _really_ learn how to do it - like we all did.

> Dammit, if we're serious about empowering people with free software we can't
> limit ourselves with the attitude that configuring kernels (or anything
> else) is the sacred preserve of a geek elite.

I see _no_ reason to give up my control for people with an attitude that
configuring kernels will not need knowledge of what one is doing.

Your point is basically:

Lets rewrite the kernel in VBA to make every word user
capable of driver hacking.

That doesn't work.

Auch der Dumme hat manchmal einen gescheiten Gedanken.
Er merkt es nur nicht. -- Danny Kaye
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