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SubjectRe: APIC, AMD-K6/2 -mcpu=586...
>>>>> "WJP" == Bill Pringlemeir <> writes:
WJP> I have the 2.4.4 distribution from

WJP> ""

WJP> I have a Mandrake system and selected the AMD processors and
WJP> APIC option. The egcs-2.91.66 compiler with -mcpu=586. It
WJP> appears that the structure alignment of the floating point


I compiled from a user account and `/usr/bin' was before
`/usr/local/bin' on my path. I had actually installed the tools as
per Documentation/Changes, honest! I was compiling with the
pgcc-2.91.66 and not egcs-2.91.66. The root account was set up to use

Why don't the build scripts run a dummy file to determine where the
floating point registers should be placed?

const int value = offsetof(struct task_struct, thread.i387.fxsave) & 15;

VAL = objdump --all-headers foo.o | grep value | cut -c 48-57
PAD_SIZE = objdump --start-address=$VAL --disassemble-all foo.o | cut...

Or perhaps some better method for determining the offset on the host,

Compiling and execute won't work in cross development mode...

int main(){return offsetof(struct task_struct, thread.i387.fxsave) & 15;}

Perhaps this is a bit much to demand, instead of having a specific

Bill Pringlemeir.

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