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SubjectRe: LANANA: To Pending Device Number Registrants
Heinz J. Mauelshag writes:

> LVM does a similar thing storing UUIDs in its private metadata
> area on every device used by it.
> Problem is: neither MD nor LVM define a standard in Linux
> which *needs* to be used on every device!
> It is just up to the user to configure devices with them or not.
> BTW: in case we had a Linux standard it wouldn't solve the
> "different OS" situation mentioned in this thread either.
> Generally speaking:
> It is not the problem to reserve some space to store a uuid or
> something at such and such location on a device.
> The problem is the lack of a standard which eventually
> could be implemented in all OSes at some point in time.

The PC partition table has such an ID. The LILO change log
mentions it. I think it's 6 random bytes, with some restriction
about being non-zero.

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