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SubjectRe: [QUESTION] "No 100Hz timer" thread - any LKML archive?
Tomas Telensky ( wrote:
> does anybody know about any archive/digest service for this mailing
> list? Majordomo at vger doesn't support this. Or does anybody of you
> archive all e-mails?
> I'm especially interested in the _WHOLE_ thread "No 100Hz timer !" now.
> (but the question is asked in general). If you have the complete thread,
> I would be very glad if you could expose it on WWW for me to download.
> I've met different better or worse http interfaces to archives
> (included But I'm not satisfied with them - no
> header's, I must wget... I want to have a folder of e-mails and sort
> them by threads in mutt - this is only possible when headers are
> preserved.

See for a good search tool.
Dunno about raw archives...

- Dan
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