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SubjectRe: LANANA: To Pending Device Number Registrants
Date (Hacksaw) writes:

> >So what is your solution for preventing a boot failure after disks/partitions
> >change ?
> >volume labels/UUID ?
> As a sys-admin, let me add a vote for this. Having (one day) a prom monitor
> program that looks at all the disks, and gives a menu of which one to boot
> from would make life so nice.
> I very often had to move disks from one platform to another, and changing ID's
> on the was hard or impossible in some cases, and required in others. Being
> able to find the disk by a label is a thousand times better.

Did you ever try grub?? This a gnu project, a boot-loader, with an embedded
shell... You can read ext2fs and select, your kernel, your root disk, your
params, etc...
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