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Whenever I boot (2.4.4-ac6) I get this error message if there is a zip
disk in the drive.

hdb: 98288kB, 196576 blocks, 512 sector size, hdb: 98304kB, 96/64/32 CHS,
4096 kBps, 512 sector size, 2941 rpm ide-floppy: hdb: I/O error, pc = 5a,
key = 5, asc = 24, ascq = 0

The drive seems to work fine for everything except writing large files
(>500k) - umount hangs indefinitely. This has been a problem for all the
kernels I've used since I got the drive (2.2.18, 2.2.20, 2.4.0->2.4.4-ac6
series). The ide-floppy support is compiled into the kernel but I've had
similar problems when using it as a module. The disks work perfectly on a
windows box and even worked fine when I was using the drive with windows.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?


Mark Phalan

Could you cc replies to this address as I am not on the mailing
list. Thanks.
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