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SubjectRe: LANANA: To Pending Device Number Registrants
From: "Helge Hafting" <>
> Partition id's seems more interesting than disk id's - we normally
> mount partitions not whole disks.
> RAID do this well - the raid autodetect partition stores an ID in the
> last block,
> the remaining N-1 blocks are available for a fs.
> This could be extended to non-raid use - i.e. use the "raid autodetect"
> partition type for non-raid as well. The autodetect routine could
> then create /dev/partitions/home, /dev/partitions/usr or
> /dev/partitions/name_of_my_choice
> for autodetect partitions not participating in a RAID.

Raid can do this easily because they install the raid on fresh partitions so
they can easily "steal" the last sector, and the filesystem goes in the
"shrinked" raid-device. Normal partitions that already have a filesystem on
them (maybe another OS formatted them) occupy space including the last
sector - no place left on these partitions to baptize them. - how should
that work with existing fs'es???

> This is better than volume labels, as it will work for all fs'es
> (including those who don't support mount-by-ID) and also raw
> partitions with no fs.

Thomas Kotzian

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