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SubjectRe: VIA/PDC/Athlon
> I tested 2.4.4-ac9 today on A7V133 machine. It booted up, but can't stand
> any load. It will deadlock (without oops) when the network/disk system faces
> any load.

Let me guess 'ide=nodma' fixes that ?

> There is also some new bug in VIA IDE driver. It misdetects cable as 80-w
> when it's only 40-w and causes some CRC errors and speed dropping. Some

Since when - the VIA driver in -ac has not changed for a very long time

> older kernels correctly detected the cable as 40-w and used UDMA33, this one
> tries to use UDMA100 and fails (of course). Is there any way to force cable
> detection to 40-w?

it shouldnt ever misdetect - thats a bug.

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