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    SubjectRe: LANANA: To Pending Device Number Registrants
    H. Peter Anvin writes:
    > Richard Gooch wrote:
    > > We have this aliasing anyway. sg and sr are just one example. If you
    > > care about conflicts, then make sure the drivers lock each other out.
    > > It's got nothing to do with the mechanism to find out whether
    > > something can behave like a CD-ROM or not.
    > No fscking way. What you're saying "well, my design is broken, so
    > break your driver even further." You're suggesting prohibiting
    > legal (and useful) operations because you're advocating an idiotic
    > design to identify devices? Give me a break.

    Erm, let's start again. My central point is that you can use devfs
    names to reliably figure out what kind of device a FD is, as a cleaner
    alternative to comparing major numbers. Therefore, I'm challenging the
    notion that you need to reserve magic major numbers in order to
    distinguish devices.

    I suspect you're thinking about a different problem, which is finding
    out what a device can do. Implementing some kind of capability list
    may well be a good approach to *that* problem. There are some details
    to figure out, like how multiple drivers interact with each other.
    They could be tricky.

    Now, with the above said, what operations do you think I'm


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