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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rootfs (part 1)
Alexander Viro wrote:
> In full variant of patch I don't _have_ mount_root(9). It's done by
> mount(2). Period. Initrd or not. Notice that rootfs stays absolute root
> forever - it's much more convenient for fs/super.c, since you can get rid
> of many kludges that way. So I'm not too happy about populating rootfs with
> tons of files. BTW, loading initrd is done by open(2), read(2) and write(2) -
> none of this fake struct file business anymore.

OK, I see what you're doing now. However, I'm confused what you mean
with "rootfs stays absolute root forever" -- does that mean that you
mount the new root on top of /, and so the rootfs remains in the system
never to be reclaimed, as opposed to pivot_root-ing it?


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