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SubjectRe: your mail
On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 08:05:38AM -0700, siva prasad wrote:
> Is it true that the ipc calls like
> msgget(),shmget()...
> are not really system calls?

No, they all use a system call, but the system call is the same for all

> Cos in the file "asm/unistd.h" where the
> system calls are listed as __NR_xxx we dont find
> the appropriate listing for the ipc calls.
> What I guessed was that all the ipc calls are
> clubbed under the 'int ipc()' system call and this
> is well listed in the "asm/unistd.h"

Right, they all use __NR_ipc. See sys_ipc() in
arch/i386/kernel.sys_i386.c, especially the comment right above the

> Could some one explain why the ipc is implemented
> this way rather that implementing them as individual
> system calls as in UNIX.

Probably because the original designer liked it this way and nobody
cared enough to do it otherwise.

> Or is it the same way in UNIX

I don't know, I don't have Unix source available.


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