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Subjectagain: Linux (2.4.4-ac5) on Laptop
Hi there again !

I've got brand new kernel, compiled it and all modutils/other stuff,
however, I still have problems with "magic buttons". It still crashes,
but in a new exciting fashion - not just plain oops, but tons of
non-stopping hex numbers in square brackets. As far as I could read it
on my DSTN screen (it was quite hard to), there are only two different
numbers, but I'm unsure about it.

As I was told, there were no kernel compile-option I could miss, so
now I have no ideas why it crashes. Does anyone know a way to deal
with it?

I'd be appreciated for any help/hint concerning this purpose.

P.s.: Right now my computer I keep my mails on is down - power suppy
unit was burned out, and I'm uncertain about when I'll read this list
again, so, please, BCC: your reply to another addres I have - namely
"bogdan at olymp vinnica ua" . Thanks!

P.p.s.: For those who does not keep a "mail log" -- small "back

I have Compaq Presario 1215, with RedHat linux 7.0 installed on
it. So, when I press "magic buttons" (sound+ or sound- or Fn+Fx
-- these buttons are shortcuts for some misc. actions), I had
crash with some clear meaase (I don't remember it now), but, after
generous advice I've got, I've installed latest kernel - it was
2.4.4-ac5 at that time, and the problem appeared again.

Thanks !!
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