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SubjectRe: CML2 design philosophy heads-up
Jes Sorensen <>:
> If Ray wants to fix things, it's just fine with me.

I have corrected the Mac dependencies as Ray directed.

> Eric> Does this mean you'll take over maintaining the CML2 rules files
> Eric> for the m68k port, so I don't have to? That would be wonderful.
> For a start, so far there has been no reason whatsoever to change the
> format of definitions.

The judgment of the kbuild team is unanimous that you are mistaken on this.
That's the five people (excluding me) who wrote and maintained the CML1 code.
*They* said that code had to go, Linus has concurred with their judgment,
and the argument is over.

> So far you have only been irritating developers for no reason. What I
> asked you to do is to NOT change whatever config options developers
> developers felt were necessary to introduce. If you want to change the
> format of the files go ahead. Messing around with the config
> options themselves is *not* for you to do, nor are you to impose a
> more restrictive space for people to work in.

If you persist in misunderstanding what I am doing, you are neither
going to be able to influence my behavior nor to persuade other people
that it is wrong. Listen carefully, please:

1. The CML2 system neither changes the CONFIG_ symbol namespace nor
assumes any changes in it. (Earlier versions did, but Greg Banks
showed me how to avoid needing to.)

2. The ruleset changes I have made simplify the configuration process,
but they do *not* in any way restrict the space of configurations
that are possible. By design, every valid (consistent) configuration
in CML1 can be generated in CML2. I treat departures from that rule
as rulesfile bugs and fix them (as I just did at Ray Knight's instruction).

3. I do not have (nor do I seek) the power to "impose" anything on anyone.

You really ought to give CML2 a technical evaluation yourself before you
flame me again. Much of what you seem to think you know is not true.
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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