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SubjectRe: TCP capture effect :: estimate queue length ?
On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 11:49:16PM -0400, God wrote:

> > Packets are dropped when a device queue
> > fills, and when one sender is much faster than the other the faster sender
> > often wins the race, while the packets of the slower one get dropped.
> [.....]
> Speaking of queues on routers/servers, does such a util exist that would
> measure (even a rough estimate), what level of congestion (queueing) is
> happening between point A and B ? I'd be curious how badly congested some
> things upstream from me are...... I know I can use ping or
> traceroute ... but they don't report queueing or bursting. Both measure
> latency and packetloss ... short of stareing at a running ping that is
> ... <G>

Pathchar, yet another Van Jacobsen toy does this. Unfortunately the old
and rotten pre-version you can find in is afaik
the last one. In the past it served me well you find about how ISPs are
lying ... 100mbit backbone = fast ethernet in their computer room ...

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