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SubjectRe: Getting FS access events
Linus Torvalds writes:
> On Mon, 14 May 2001, Richard Gooch wrote:
> >
> > Is there some fundamental reason why a buffer cache can't ever be
> > fast?
> Yes.
> Or rather, there is a fundamental reason why we must NEVER EVER look at
> the buffer cache: it is not coherent with the page cache.
> And keeping it coherent would be _extremely_ expensive. How do we
> know? Because we used to do that. Remember the small mindcraft
> benchmark? Yup. Double copies all over the place, double lookups, double
> everything.
> You could think: "oh, we only need to look up the buffer cache when we
> create a new page cache mapping, so..".
> You'd be wrong. We'd need to go the other way too: every time we create a
> new buffer cache entry, we'd need to make sure that it isn't mapped
> somewhere in the page cache (impossible), or otherwise we'd do the wrong
> thing sometimes (ie we might have two dirty copies, and we wouldn't know
> _which_ one is valid etc).
> Aliasing is bad. Don't do it.

OK, this (combined with the other message) explains why we want to
keep away from the buffer cache. Thanks.

> You know, the mark of intelligence is realizing when you're making
> the same mistake over and over and over again, and not hitting your
> head in the wall five hundred times before you understand that it's
> not a clever thing to do.

But you didn't have to add this. Please note that I asked why not use
the buffer cache. I didn't proclaim that it was the ideal solution. I
did say what benefits it had, but I didn't assert that the benefits
outweighed the disadvantages.

> Please show some intelligence.

Well, frankly, I think I have. Things are obvious when you know them
already. Even if I'm ignorant, I'm not stupid!


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